Family Lawyer in Houston on Child Support Modifications

You can’t control everything that happens in life. Sometimes, you have no choice but to deal with circumstances that make it difficult to pay the bills. If you’re a single parent, such financial burdens may seem insurmountable even when receiving child support. Although it may seem as if you are stuck with your lot in life, you can create a better life for yourself and your child by asking for a child support modification. In having a family lawyer in Houston to help you, you can successfully attain a child support modification to take care of your child and overcome the financial hardships that you are dealing with.

The first step to a child support modification is to request a child support review from the Office of the Attorney General in Houston. What this means is that you will meet with a child support officer and your former spouse to discuss your current financial situation. In other words, you are asking to raise the child support for the time being. These sessions are similar to mediation sessions because you are trying to compromise with your former spouse for the sake of the child’s welfare. Keep in mind: in such sessions you want your former spouse to understand that your main concern is the child instead of simply getting more money from them. Of course, sometimes you will need to take your former spouse to court. In order for the courts to order a child support modification, you will need to provide an adequate reason for additional child support. Some of the reasons can include: your children’s medical insurance coverage has changed, your children’s living situation has changed, noncustodial or custodial parent’s income has increased or decreased, etc. These reasons are intended to prevent spouses from requesting more money than they need. After all, spouses paying child support have to pay their own bills too. If you do qualify for a child support modification, the courts will be able to raise the child support by approximately 20 percent (the actual increase will be determined on a case-by-case basis). With a knowledgeable and experienced family lawyer, you will have the tools at your disposal to get the child support modification you need so that you and your child can live without overwhelming financial burdens.

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